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Across-the-Board Paper Increase


Posted: 17 Mar 2006 07:51 am


Just checking in to say hi, and let you know all is running well with MF here. I do have one question: What would be the easiest way to increase paper prices? Most of my suppliers just spanked me with 5 - 8% increase. Is there a way to make a general increase to all paper at one time?
. . . . . Craig Hofer
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Hi Craig,

It would be easy enough to install a mechanism for general paper price increases in MF, but my feeling is it's too risky. Increasing run prices by a fixed percentage, like when you change your hourly press rate, that's one thing. But raising paper costs by a fixed, across-the-board rate, especially two or three times in a row, could put the price of some paper items completely out of sync.

I remember the first oil crisis, when the price of self-adhesive label stock suddenly shot up by more than 50%. They said it was due to the inflated cost of petroleum-based adhesives (just how much oil can there be in a sheet of MacTac?). Yet the price of other printing papers stayed relatively flat.

What you will find in the current version (2006.4) is a new bulk pricing button (F10). With it you can step through the entire paper file, for both By-As-Needed Paper and PaperShop Paper. As you change each price and click OK, the procedure will automatically present the next paper in the file for a quick price update.

BTW, thanks for your reply to Pamela, although you deserve at least some of the credit. Without your input, along with recommendations made by other active users, Morning Flight wouldn't be what it is today.
. . . . .  Hal Heindel


As I'm sure you could tell I'm looking for the easy way out, guess I'll just have to do it the right way. Thanks again!
. . . . . Craig Hofer