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Anyone using Ryobi 5334 DI?


Posted: 18 February 2010

We've had an inquiry yesterday from someone trying to calibrate Morning Flight for the Kodak / Ryobi 5334 DI press. Since it's basically an offset press, I would be inclined to set it up as my 4-color offset rather than digital. Any suggestions?

. . . . .  Hal Heindel

It may be waterless, but it uses plates so all the functions you have in MF for plates and such would be useful even though a DI makes and loads plates by itself. Offset guys whine when we call our digital machines "presses." Well, I'm insulted when they call their DI machine a "digital" press!

. . . . .  Keith

I would set it up as a 4-color press as well. I almost bought one three years ago, although it was a Presstek. It's basically an automated offset press, but not close enough so you could call it that. The consumables are similar to a normal offset.

. . . . .  Craig