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Posted: 04 Jan 2006 05:29 pm


The new version 2006.1 has 52 files ( *.tps) to back up, the old version had 45. Is this correct, Hal?
. . . . . Daryl
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Version 2006.1 has one more basic data file than the previous version, that file being the new PaperShop Paper File (SVSFile.TPS). The actual file count is variable and depends on when the program was first installed. It increases from one month to the next because Morning Flight creates monthly quote files.

Glad to see you're backing up, Daryl. As anyone who's been around computers for a while can attest to, the little darlings occasionally clobber files. That's never a question of IF, but WHEN. Topspeed (*.TPS) files are known to be bullet-proof. I've never had one crash or get corrupted. They're also self-sufficient. Everything a TPS file needs, all the supporting key and index files, is contained in the file itself. That's comforting but painfully irrelevant when you're staring at a fried hard drive.

To anyone who has yet to lose an irreplacable image or video file and, as a consequence, keeps rolling the dice because it won't happen to him or her, not today anyway, please start backing up your data, beginning with Morning Flight. We've tried to make the process easy by keeping all the files in a single directory. If you have enough free space on your backup disk or external hard drive, just copy and paste the entire "MorningFlight" directory.

To back up only the data files, go to C:\Program Files\PrintFire\MorningFlight (or to another directory into which you may have installed the program), then click on "Type" in the title bar to sort the files by file type. Click on ACTFile.TPS, the first *.TPS file, then hold down the Shift key while you scroll down to WRNFile.TPS, the last *.TPS file, and click on it. That will highlight all the *.TPS files you need to back up. Copy the files to the Windows Clipboard, then paste them onto a backup disk or external hard drive.

You don't need to back up the rest of the files in the Morning Flight directory. If the program should stop loading, you can always install it again. Any file that isn't a *.TPS data file will be regenerated during the installation. Even missing *.TPS will be regenerated, but they'll either be empty or loaded with out-of-the-box defaults.
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TPS files


Posted: 25 Jan 2006 05:30 am


Hi, I need help. Can you tell me what a TPS file is and how to build it? Thank you.
. . . . . denise


Hi Denise,

A TPS file is a file with the extension .TPS and is used to hold data generated by Morning Flight. These files are automatically built by the program as needed. They cannot be built manually, nor do they need to be.
. . . . .  Hal Heindel