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Posted: 22 Dec 2005 01:55 pm


I have been working with Morning flight for the past five days and really enjoy working with this program, but I wish I would have read most of this forum before I started. I have entered a lot of my paper without fully understanding the idea of My paper and Vendor paper and now wish I had done it differently. After the fifth day of playing with Morning Flight I have learned that after a few quotes I should have read this forum before entering a lot of information. By putting this here I hope to save some time for others who are new to using a computer to do estimating. Thanks, Hal, for your quick responses to my questions.
. . . . . Daryl
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Thanks, Daryl, excellent advice, but please don't consider those five days wasted. There is a learning curve to any computer program, especially one lacking a manual. Programmers have a saying: Throw the first one away. Maybe you should look at the time spent "playing" with Morning Flight as lessons in disguise. That might help if you do decide to start over. For what it's worth, this version of Morning Flight, too, is one we wrote after having thrown the first one away.

Incidentally, now that you have the paper thing sorted out, get ready for some improvements. To see what's in store, go to and click the two paper buttons. Yes, we're down to three again, but with more options. I'll have the new download up on the site in another week. Same file formats, so whatever you've entered so far will still be there when you install the upgraded version.

Best wishes for the Holidays!
. . . . .  Hal Heindel