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Posted: 01 Feb 2006 10:31 am


Hi. We have been using morning flight since November 05 on and off and damn good it is, too. I just have two questions at the moment, the first is paper weights. I have tried the download and it will still not let me use 320gsm board on my Xerox digital machine even though we use it all the time. Any suggestions welcome.

The second also refers to paper. We are having trouble with paper we need to select for different jobs, i.e. if we have set up a job for a board cover but wish to use a light paper to save inputting another paper, it will not let you pick it. Thanks.
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Hi Clive,

When we increased the max paper weight for digital to 300gsm, I guess we didn't go far enough. We'll rework the program. I'll let you know when the revised setup file is ready for downloading. The new WRNFile.TPS is already up. Downloading that file and installing it in your Morning Flight directory will raise the limit to 325gsm. Incidentally, when you say "Board" weight, do you mean Cover, Bristol or Tag?

Not sure I completely understand your second question. Might be a bit early in the morning. Could I ask you to take me through it step by step? Thanks.
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Hi Hal

Thanks for the swift response. Board weight is a term we use in the UK for the paper weight generally for items over about 160 gsm. On the second point we produce a lot of A6 booklets, and for the cover some have a 100gsm cover, some have 280 gsm covers. So as I see it, you need to set up two jobs as I seem unable to select a 100gsm paper for a cover.
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Thanks for clarifying the category thing, Clive. Here in the States, "Board" is actually a separate paper category used mainly for packaging and POP displays. Not all that common in the average print shop.

I now understand your second point. For the moment, yes, you would need to set up two separate jobs for all but self-cover booklets, where the cover is the same weight and has the same run configuration as the pages inside. Once the booklet module is available, you'll be able to generate a compound product that assembles several individually spec'd jobs into a single booklet. The cover could be 4/1 on 320gsm, 24 inside pages could be 1/1 on book weight, another 4 pages 2/2 on coated stock, and so on. Morning Flight will then consolidate paper and ink charges, add bindery, and give you a quote for the finished booklet.

For the time being, you can use the program to calculate the cost of the individual pages, but consolidating and binding them into a booklet will have to be done the old-fashioned way, with pencil and paper.
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This is some of the best tech support I have ever had and I have not had to shell out any money yet. Keep up the good work.
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Now you're just trying to make me feel good. (It's working.) Thanks, Clive.
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