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Posted: 08 Nov 2008 05:08 pm



Hal, it's awesome! I was out all day Friday, so on Saturday morning; I thought I'd check the forum (I'm kinda quietly obsessive like that). Low and behold, there it was! So I came to my shop on a Saturday (I only live two minutes away) and I immediately downloaded the Gold and Engineer updates. I noticed the change with the repeat order. What are some of the other improvements?

Anyway, I can't wait till I come back in on Monday morning! I have two booklets to quote. Of course, one of them is an odd size so I'll get to push the limits of this new addition.

So here's a big "Thank you!"
. . . . .  Keith
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P.S. Soooo . . . when is the Wide Format Module coming out?


You're welcome, Keith. Appreciate the compliment!

This thing has been a monster to tame, so I'm as anxious as you are to see how well it works for you on Monday. Aside from the Booklet Module, the big change in all three editions is the way Custom Products are entered. Offset, Copy, and Digital are now all on the same tabbed window, allowing a quick check of which method is the least expensive for a particular quantity.

That and the change in default pricing for Copies and Digital have earlier been announced at

The rest are incremental improvements too numerous to list. Seeing that both the Silver and the Gold betas are still free downloads, it's clearly a good idea to upgrade. Beta versions of all Morning Flight programs don't expire or self-destruct at the end of the test cycle - they can legally be used forever.




About Wide Format Printing ... still only a sideways glance. The research alone will probably take six months. There's hardly any comparative pricing information available on Google, and what little there is supports mainly architects and engineers. I suspect that once our homework is done, the actual coding may well be the least of it.

In any event, we have a bunch of other pressing projects on the burner ahead of it, with a Forum Makeover topping the list. The amount of spam is now mind-numbing. Between 11 o'clock last night and 6 o'clock this morning alone, 43 spammers tried to register. These days, that's pretty much the norm. In the time it took to compose this message and do the screen captures, nine more spammers lined up at the door.

Fortunately, the new Morning Flight Forum is already up and running. Unlike the current open-source phpBB version, the new Forum is a commercial vBulletin product from the UK that offers much better spam protection. It also comes with custom styles, avatars, attachments, photo albums, even a private blog area for each user.




Membership will be by application to the Administrator only. That should keep out the spammers. For a preview, visit

If anyone would like to sign up in advance, just drop me an e-mail at On the new forum, everyone will fly First Class. I hope I get to welcome all current members at the Morning Flight Lounge!
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