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Booklet Paper Calculation


Posted: 23 August 2012

Booklet Paper Calculation wrong? This has to do with A5 booklet printing, 8pp on using SRA3 size (or A3) and a quantity of 500 to print. Morning Flight divides the paper required x 4 from SRA2 = 125 sheets when it should be 250. Just the same if SRA3 is selected from cut paper menu, MF then prices it at 250 sheets when it should be 500.

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The first questions I should probably ask is, at what stage in the quote did you extract the sheet count, and what kind of booklet is it? Assuming there's no trim (or trim + spine), the second question is irrelevant.

You are of course correct when you say 500 A5 8-page booklets require 500 sheets of A3 (or oversize SRA3) paper. But that's also how Morning Flight prices it, as shown in the second screen capture.

What may be confusing is the sheet count of 125 + spoilage and a paper price of $7.65 shown in the first screen. Those values are representative of the individual book sheets. They have to be, because at that stage, Morning Flight has no way of knowing how many of those booksheets will end up in the book all told.

The program does know the page count once the booksheets have been added to the book. In our example, that count is four sheets (8 pages), so the program now multiplies the individual sheet count and paper price by four. Let me know if that answers it.

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Hi Hal, yes, my query has been answered. When tallying up the paper costs under "Bookprinting Costs," all is well with the world. The job priced was 28pp, saddlestitch with foredge trim.

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