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Can I add an additional Press?


Posted: 05 May 2005 04:15 pm


Just want to know if I can add an additional single color press. We have one set-up just for envelopes and have a different price structure for it.
. . . . . Craig Hofer
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Craig, would that press be a Halm Jet? The way to accommodate different presses is to set up a range of unique products. I'm assuming you want to be able to charge a lower price for 1-color envelopes because you have a press that can run those envelopes more efficiently. Instead of adding another press, create some unique envelope products just for that unit. While you're in the New Product window, press F11 or click on the "don't walk" button (the red hand) and disable 2 and 4-color printing. You now have envelopes that you can only quote in 1-color. The effect will be the same as adding another 1-color press.

Morning Flight employs some unique and proprietary pricing techniques. One of them is the concept of virtual presses. If your shop offers 1-color, 2-color and 4-color printing, the program assumes you have three different presses: a 1-color, a 2-color, and a 4-color. The idea is, those presses don't have to be real. Say you're a broker and outsource all of your work but use Morning Flight for estimating. In that case, all three of your presses would be virtual.

Let's use another scenario. Say you're a 1, 2 and 4-color printer but have only one press, a 2-color Ryobi. In that case, the program creates one real press for your 2-color work and two virtual presses for the rest. It means all press parameters such as maximum sheet size and so on would be identical, but you would probably want to assign different hourly rates. Case in point: your regular press person does all the 1 and 2-color work during the day, and you have a more qualified moonlighter come in after hours to print process. Same press, different hourly rate. If you don't offer 4-color process, you can go to My Shop and take the virtual 4-color press off line.

Hope this helps.
. . . . .  Hal Heindel


I't's not a Halm Jet, it's just a second Multi 1250 with a bottom feeder that we only run envelopes and 4-up business cards on. My thought was to have a second single color press, I'll set-up the product like you said. Thanks Again!
. . . . . Craig Hofer


As an afterthought, if setting up the envelopes as offset products is too cumbersome, try setting them up as Merchandise instead. Use per 1,000 pricing. The merchandise module is not nearly as sophisticated as the offset engine, but it's easier to define a predetermined price with it.

FYI, press-based estimating (where you'll be able to set up a virtually unlimited number of presses but will need to enter more data) is built into the Morning Flight program structure, but not implemented in the Silver Edition.
. . . . .  Hal Heindel