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Posted: 30 Dec 2005 07:55 pm


I was setting up in our products an item we run all the time which is a 3-up on 8.5 x 11, 2 over 2 comment card, but MF won't let me use the same two colors front and back ... ?!?
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Two reasons Morning Flight may not let you add the same two colors front and back. One is if the product you set up doesn't allow two-sided printing. That could happen if you built your product from a label. Check the button that looks like a "don't walk" hand at the bottom of the "Add a New Product" window. If two-sided printing is unchecked there, click the checkbox. If it's disabled, you'll have to base your new product on something other than a label.

The other reason may be unfamiliarity with the Ink Configuration window, the screen that pops up when you press F4 from within the Quote Window. After you've clicked the "Color Only" radio button and used the up-arrow to set the number of colors to two, go to the bottom of that window and click the radio button that says "Back," then use the up-arrow again to set the number of colors for the back.

Or, after you've entered the colors for the front, click the pushbutton in the upper black panel, next to the blue numbers that say 2/0. After you've clicked the pushbutton, those numbers will say 2/2. That's a shortcut to making the back the same as the front (not necessarily the same ink colors, just the same run configuration).




Now click OK. This will bring up the Ink Colors window where you can enter a maximum of four colors. Minimum and maximum colors are displayed in the black panel. If you stop at two, MF will assume you'll be using the same two colors front and back and quote accordingly.

Incidentally, there is a shortcut to flipping between front and back as well: click on the two golden rectangles in the upper right corner of the F4 window.

Let me know if this solved your problem.
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Jim, thanks for letting me know it all worked out, and that you're getting your prices close to what they were before you installed Morning Flight. When you upgrade, check out the help system. The "Getting Started" section is nearly done. You might find it helpful for matching your prices.
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