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Posted: 1 July 2013

Am I correct that MF will not compensate the number of copies when selecting carbonless? If I want 500 5-part 8-1/2 x 11, it only figures 500 copies, not 2500. If this is correct is there a way to solve this? We are finding more short run carbonless 3, 4 and 5-part NCR that just do not justify inking up a press or making a plate.

Maybe the pricing engine needs to be rethought a little. Hal, the changes we have seen in the last five or six years with the digital equipment are pretty significant. Eight or ten years ago a copier was used just for that, making a few copies from someone's hard originals. Now we are running them more like a monochrome "press." There isn't much we can't run on these things. Last month we put over 1 million prints on one machine running black and white collated book blocks that were perfect bound. It's definitely not a copier in the sense we thought about a few years ago.

What are your thoughts about tweaking MF to strengthen the digital/copier end to align it more like a press with their capabilities?

. . . . .  Craig

There is a new "tweaked" way to quote carbonless for digital, Craig, and it's a 4-click quote, for offset or digital:


So digital, yes, copiers, no, for the very reason you mentioned: Traditional copiers are pretty much extinct (save for the copy-it-yourself machines you see at Staples), having been replaced by multi-function copy/print/fax machines you can get at the same Staples for under $200. In Morning Flight, copiers are now merely a pricing model, a way to quote digital printing the same way hardware stores sell nuts and bolts, away from cost-plus and along the lines of "cheaper by the dozen."

We have strengthened digital pricing over time to where, with My Way, digital presses now have the same capabilities as offset presses (carbonless sets, envelopes, cover stock), but you won't see copiers get the same treatment. If anything, we may discontinue the copier model entirely and offer the matrix pricing grid as an option for digital presses. Same functionality, simplified. At a minimum, it would eliminate the confusion I alluded to in one of our earlier screencasts.

Off topic, but still about making things simpler, how is the new V13.1 paper structure working out?

. . . . .  Hal Heindel

This is nice and it is much easier than using the custom forms in book estimating. I really like this new feature. I have not used MY WAY to its fullest yet. The new paper stock selections work great so far ... It is more streamlined now. Good job on the changes. We run more forms on the digital press than in the past so the digital carbonless is super!

. . . . .  jerryjfm