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Carbonless Sets on Copiers


Posted: 9 February 2012

Hi Hal, Just testing the Pixelblitz version as we've scaled down to just copiers/printers. I am trying to price carbonless (we order in digital specially for copiers). When I choose copies 1/0, I cannot choose carbonless paper - it's not there. I have tried to add carbonless as just a 20 lb sheet and calculate it that way but things get screwed up when I need to add padding and numbering as it takes the sheets into consideration and not sets. Help!

. . . . .  Sue

Hi Sue, The easiest method is to quote Carbonless Sets not as Copies but as Digital, using My Way pricing. See the screen captures. Nothing prevents you from setting your copier up twice, once real (as a copier, with per copy pricing) and then virtual (as a digital printer with hourly rates, with or without click charges).

Alternately, you can stay with your regular copy pricing and quote Carbonless Sets as a booklet. For that, you would need to enable Custom Padding in My Shop > Bookbinding, then set up a My Postpress item for Carbonless Numbering. Quoting Carbonless Sets as a booklet is also the only option for custom sets where one or more of the individual sheets is unique, such as prices blocked out when one of the sheets serves as a packing list.

. . . . .  Hal Heindel



Wow! I thought I knew everything about MF! I didn't know I can do digital carbonless with My Way pricing! That'll make things easier. I hate quoting carbonless with Book.

. . . . .  Keith

Yeah, I'm with ya on that one, Keith.

. . . . .  jerryjfm