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Cardboard Backer for Pads


Posted: 2 March 2012

When ordering pads, most buyers naturally assume they come with a chipboard backer. In the many years of owning a print shop, the only pads I recall delivering without a backer were the scratch pads we made for ourselves - out of leftover paper we had sitting around in our odd lot room and were too lazy to slip backers into. We just padded a single block of paper a foot high and peeled off what we needed.

For pads going out the door, you'll want to add chipboard. And the easiest way to bill for that is to simply include the cost of the board in the padding charge under postpress. In other words, if you're charging 30 cents per pad, figure those 30 pennies include chipboard.

What if you want to show the chipboard cost separately on the quote? Just set up a few My Postpress items, then add that to the regular padding charges.

Note that the $2.00 sample price at the 50 sheet/pad level applies to 1,000 sheets, getting you 10 cents per backer. Ditto for the $1.00 price at the 100 sheet/pad level.

Ignore the total quantity of pads, the program will compensate for that (see the final window). The only quantity we need to worry about when setting up the My Postpress items is the number of sheets per pad.





Here are the individual steps:

1.Go to My Shop > Postpress and click the My Postpress button.
2.Click the Add button next to the trashcan.
3.In the window that opens, enter the two chipboard items highlighted above.
4.Press F3, then F7.
5.In the Postpress window that opens, click the Laminate/Number/Pad tab.
6.Check the Pad box and accept the default of 50 sheets per pad.
7.Click the My Postpress tab, then check the My Post 1 box.
8.In the selection window that opens, select "Chipboard/Pads of 50" and click Ok.