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Posted: 9 Jun 2008 10:03 pm


What is the definition of a catalog sheet? I'm new to MF Silver but have owned a printing company for 28 years and no one has asked me to print their catalog sheet. How do I use this product to my benefit (especially if the pricing is partly based on this)? Thanks.
. . . . .  Gary
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Hi Gary,

Welcome to the Forum. Catalog Sheets are what manufacturers make available to distributors and consumers to showcase and promote their products. Such sheets typically get punched and put into a 3-ring binder. More often than not, Catalog Sheets are printed on coated paper and include photos and diagrams or illustrations.

Here is how Morning Flight sees Catalog Sheets (at the top of the pricing ladder) versus Letterheads/Bulletins (in the middle) and Business Forms (at the bottom):

Catalog Sheets
Makeready: High
Press Run: Difficult - 3,600 IPH for 1,000 - 4,000 IPH for 5,000 sheets

Makeready: Medium
Press Run: Medium - 4,500 IPH for 1,000 - 5,000 IPH for 5,000 sheets

Business Forms
Makeready: Low
Press Run: Easy - 5,400 IPH for 1,000 - 5,900 IPH for 5,000 sheets

These parameters all apply to uncoated paper. When running on coated stock, the Press Run for Catalog Sheets stays at Difficult, but IPH slows to 2,900 on orders for 1,000 sheets, and to 3,200 on orders for 5,000 sheets.



As you have already discovered, Makeready and Press Run settings can be adjusted on all but a few mandatory products, and a Catalog Sheet is one of those mandatory Morning Flight products. That's to make it easier to reverse-engineer prices when trying to match local market conditions. See

Hope this helps.
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Thanks for the Help
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