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Change Quantity on Quote


Posted: 23 May 2005 12:28 pm


Is it possible to change the quantity on a quote to a number not set in preferences without entering a new quote? Say I set my preferences for 500, 1000, 2000 and send the customer the quote. He calls and asks for a price on 5000. I change my preferences but this does not update the quote.

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Actually, Jerry, that would be my old cat. But, yes, there are a couple of ways you can change quantities. From the Quote Printing window, either click on the red quantity button on the bottom, or press F12. Or, just right-click on one of the quantity columns to the right. The column you click will be the quantity you want to change.

The quantities set in Preferences are merely defaults. In other words, those are the quantities that come up when you first open the Quote Printing or Quote Merchandise windows. Note that the Quantity window is also where you specify whether the customer is supplying the paper or film, and whether this is a reorder without changes (meaning no new film required or charged for).
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