Color Photo Scan Prices


Posted: 20 Dec 2005 02:36 am


I tried to enter $5 for a small color photo scan in the Prepress section, but the program keeps changing it to $8.10. I have been working on the Silver edition to see if it will work for our small print shop. We have a Heidelberg GTO 46 press and use metal plates. We do most of the perforation, scoring and numbering right on the press while we print a run, and I am not sure if your program is set up for this kind of Postpress. I will continue to use our old estimator (Franklin book and pencil) and try to use Morning Flight.
. . . . . Daryl
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Hi Daryl,

I'm assuming you've entered a conversion rate for Canada when you installed Morning Flight. At a 1:1 rate, the minimum charge for a small color scan would be $10 U.S. with data validation ON, $5 with it OFF. As you seem to have discovered, data validation can be toggled with the umbrella button. There is a work-around if you think scanning charges are still too high: You can enter a quantity discount of 40% and set the minimum range to 1 (as in 1 - 9).

The program doesn't explicitly support in-line postpress for offset, but that shouldn't present a problem unless you offer such services at no extra charge. If you do charge for them (as most printers would, since at the very least there is additional setup), you can either use regular Morning Flight postpress charges for perforating and numbering, or define your own as "My Postpress" items.

In case you're wondering why Morning Flight imposes minimum and maximum charges in the first place, it's because the program is designed to be used by office staff with limited estimating experience, not just by the owner or manager. An inexpensive "wrench" utility (TBA) will allow the program administrator to expand or narrow the validation range across the board.
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