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Comparison to Printsmith


Posted: 29 Jan 2006 04:31 am


How is this program better than Printsmith, besides the price?
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Great question, but not one we could answer objectively. Besides, we don't own a copy of Printsmith, so a comparison wouldn't reflect real-world conditions.

Selecting the right estimating system will have significant consequences for any print shop and shouldn't be approached casually. You're clearly doing your homework. If you can afford Printsmith (last I heard the Printsmith Estimator module alone was in excess of $2,000 - the company doesn't advertise its prices), why not download their demo, test drive both programs, then judge for yourself.

A Printsmith demo is available at

Morning Flight is available free at

Welcome to the forum, rlbjr. I hope you'll find Morning Flight the better choice.
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