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Copies and Digital


Posted: 24 Feb 2006 05:09 pm


What is the difference between copies, RIP copies and Digital? Thanks, Lu.
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Hi Lu,

Welcome to the forum. While there is no clear, absolute dividing line between copies and digital, copies are usually produced on toner-based copiers whereas digital implies liquid-ink. At least it did a few years ago. With advances in copier technology, many copiers now serve as digital printers.

RIP just means the printing is done via a link with a computer. That's taken for granted in the digital world, but is considered an extra cost item with most copiers. Again, no hard and fast rules here either.

At the Unitac print shop, all we do is offset. Maybe some of the resident digital experts can jump in here and shed more light.
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Hal, you did a fine job, as you said the lines between ink and toner are getting blurred in the digital world. The RIP is used to communicate between the copier/printer and your work station and they are expensive!

The RIP copy charge will give you the option of charging for the RIP "time," which can take quite a while. I just RIPPed a 3.5 gig job that took 45mins, that's time that needs to be billed.
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