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Posted: 07 Apr 2006 08:57 am


I have two questions on Copy and Copy pricing. First, there seems to be a "bottom" on how low I can set pricing for copies. I think it is .312 on color copies. I need to be able to get it lower for higher quantities.

I do love that the program will auto figure prices if I put in the high and low prices. Saves a lot of math!! That brings me to a second question. What is going into the copy prices? For example, I figured out that if I enter a multiple up job that requires cutting, the cut price is included. Thank you.
. . . . . Allen
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Hi Allen,

Welcome to the Forum. The lowest price for color copies, with Data Validation ON, is 35 cents. With it OFF, you can go as low as .01 cent. Just click on the button with the umbrella. As you've discovered, you need to enter only two copy prices: one for the lowest quantity and one for the highest. The program will interpolate the rest (which you can then fine-tune, if you like).

Unlike digital, where you can specify consumables, click charges, etc., copies are treated pretty much as merchandise items. The only add-ons are RIP charges, Packaging, Collating, and Multiple Originals. Cutting and trimming is automatically added for multiple-up runs and bleeds. The best way to see what's included is to select a base copy product, then click on the Special Product button (Ctrl-F2). You'll find an itemized list in the white panel to the right.

Note that all copy prices are based on 30% coverage for an 8.5 x 11 image area. If you change the coverage or the sheet size (again, by clicking Ctrl-F2), Morning Flight will automatically adjust the price.
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How are copy prices being figured? For example, if I attempt to enter an 11 x 17 and set the prices, there is a display that shows a set of prices based on an 8.5 x 11. Does that mean if I want a certain price per 11 x 17, I should divide by 2 to get it correct? I can email an image to illustrate what I'm talking about.
. . . . . Allen


That's exactly how to price copies! To set a price of $60.00 for 1,000 size 11x17 copies (30% coverage, 1-sided), you would enter $0.030 per 8.5x11 in the 1,000 bracket ($60.00 divided first by 2, then by 1,000). Morning Flight will then use that base cost of $0.030 to calculate the final price based on quantity, copy size, coverage, and whether the run is 1- or 2-sided.




In the example above, the program would multiply $0.030 first by 2, then by 1,000 to arrive at $60.00. Doubling the coverage to 60% would increase the per/1,000 price to $66.00. Note that these are copying costs only - paper costs are extra.

For 8.5x14 copies, the factor changes from 2 to 1.2667. In other words, to backtrack from $38.00 for 1,000 size 8.5x14 copies, you would divide $38.00 first by 1.2667, then by 1,000 to come up with the same 8.5x11 cost of $0.030.

Thanks for bringing this up, Allen. Copy pricing needed explaining. Makes me wonder, though: At the rate the knowledge base on this forum is expanding, will we ever need a manual? (Just kidding).
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