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Posted: 30 July 2009

I do have a question on a completely different topic. I use a lot of 12x18 paper and it seems to be a fairly common size in the digital arena. Any way of having that programmed as a standard size?

And one last thing - THE NEW DIGITAL ENVELOPES ARE AWESOME! Today I switched my envelopes from the writing and text categories over to the new category. Thanks for the modification.

. . . . .  Keith

Just checked the latest XPEDX price list and, what do you know, there's 12x18 paper sprouting up all over the place. Must be a digital thing. Goes to show what happens in this business when you turn your head for a couple of years (closed the Unitac print shop in 2007). I'm assuming we'll need to add it for paper and press sheet sizes, not product size.

About those new Digital Envelopes, do the default makeready and run factors work for you? They're not based on research, just a hunch. This being virgin territory, I had to wing it, if you pardon the pun.


Appreciate the heads-up on the 12x18 paper size, Keith.

. . . . .  Hal Heindel

That is correct, paper and press sheet sizes. What would be nice for the paper suppliers to do, would be to make more 13x19 cut sizes as a lot of production level presses (even my little Xerox, and by the way, thanks for the reassurance, spending 30 grand is a bit nerve racking) are capable of running that size. It's great because I can run 6x9 post cards 4up with bleed.

As for the envelope makeready and run factors, I assume you mean the preset #10 and #9. I tried to adjust them in My Shop but the buttons are faded out. Usually, I set the run factor and makeready to maximum because envelopes are just as much of a pain to run digitally as they are lithographically (that's my big word for the day).

. . . . .  Keith

Lithographically? Good one! BTW, the property buttons for predefined products are greyed out because those products also serve as templates for creating derivatives (my big word for the day!). If you think it makes sense to increase the run factor for Digital Envelopes from High to Very High, we can easily change that. Makeready defaults to Very High already.

FYI, we just uploaded the revisions: Paper and Press Sheet pick lists now include 12x18, and Booklet Job Numbers end with a 'B'. Plus a small bug fix (Digital Envelopes shouldn't have allowed A2's through A7's) and some minor in-line improvements, none of which warranted changing the version number. We're still at V2009.5.

. . . . .  Hal Heindel

No social sizes for digital envelopes?? That's what I usually run digitally. Customers order 50 or so invites with envelopes printed (and sometimes addressed) and when they order #9s and #10s it's usually more than 500 and therefore more cost effective for offset. In fact, tomorrow I have to run 500 A-7 and 500 A-6. How come they can't be digital? (Great! I sound like my daughter!).

. . . . .  Keith

I should have been more explicit. You can run any size envelope you like, Keith, as long as the minimum digital press size is set to accommodate them. That was the bug. The program would accept A2's through A7's even though they were below the digital press minimums (currently defaulted to 3-1/2x7-1/2").

You'll probably want to upgrade before you enter those envelopes tomorrow. With data validation OFF, the digital press minimum can be set as unrealistically low as 1x1".

. . . . .  Hal Heindel


PHEW!! I was really concerned there for a while. But I feel a little silly thinking you would not allow social sizes in digital envelopes. I look forward to installing the update as soon as I get to the shop.

Before I go I have one question. What is the purpose of the ship date button in the job tracker that was added with V2009.5?

. . . . .  Keith

Sharp eyes, Keith. Someone had asked for a more flexible way to enter the shipping date. Previously, the order would automatically be marked as having been shipped on the day the button was clicked. That quick-step button still works but is now supplemented by a second button that pops up a calendar.

It was a valid request. People don't always get a chance to update the Job Tracker until the day after. Unlike the rest of the dates (when the job left prepress, for instance), the shipping date is the one date that needs to be accurate.

. . . . .  Hal Heindel



THAT'S AWESOME! I'm not always able to update job tracker till the next day as well. When updating MF, should I also download the Engineer?

. . . . .  Keith

Only if the version numbers don't match. If you're already running V2009.5 of the Engineer, you're good to go, Keith. BTW, thanks for the plug on PrintPlanet. It's all good!

. . . . .  Hal Heindel