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Posted: 18 Jun 2008 11:47 am


Hi! I have never posted to a forum in my life so forgive me if I don't follow any protocol or am posting this in the wrong section. First, I love the Gold Edition!! I have been using it for some time now and it makes the printing life a hell of a lot easier. My IT Guy just got the program on our server so I look forward to being able to update the Job Tracker from different stations in my shop. AWESOME! Anyway, I have a question. Is it possible to get a fix so I can do envelopes on my digital machine? Or am I missing something? I run small quantities of envelopes quite often on it for announcements and such. I have downloaded the fix for "board" weights and if you're still wondering what digital machine can handle over 300gsm, that would be my Xante Illumina. They just released a new version that can handle up to 502gsm! (I have the 427gsm model). Well, I appreciate any help or advice you can offer.
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P.S. Sorry for the long post. And I can't wait for the booklet module as well as the official release of the Gold. Oh, hell, I can't wait for any improvements that you may be considering (wide-format, AR, etc).


Hi Keith,

This being your first post anywhere, you sure made it a good one! I was wondering when the digital envelope question would pop up - it's been gaining on us for a while now. Before I get into that, though, let me thank you for that ringing endorsement! We always hope Morning Flight makes life easier for the more than 4,200 users throughout the world, but it's nice when someone actually says so.

Now, to your request. Modifying the program to accommodate digital envelopes isn't quite as easy a fix as changing the "board" weight. It's doable, however. I've put it on our list, to be tackled after completion of the Booklet Module (still on track for release by the end of summer). In the meantime, here is a workaround:

First, make sure the minimum sheet size for your Digital Press is small enough to accept the size envelope you need to print. If necessary, click the umbrella to expand the validation range.





Next, create a new Digital Product as shown above, along with matching Paper (in-Stock or as-Needed) in the Writing category. The paper category is the key here. Saving the paper as an envelope won't work or we wouldn't be having this conversation. When you create the new product, make sure the press sheet size is the same as the product size.

Voila, digital envelopes . . . sort of. I say sort of because there's no validation. When you set up a #10 envelope as a digital product, MF will happily let you to print that envelope 2-up on an 8.5x11" sheet. But that's the only caveat.




Glad to see you on the Forum, Keith!
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