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Digital Stock Limit


Posted: 27 Feb 2008 12:54 pm


Hi Hal, can you do me a slight upgrade on the digital stock limit? We now need to go up to 450gsm with our new machine.

Not too many arrows in the back thus far on the paperless work flow - will keep you posted. Any signs of the booklet module as yet?
. . . . . clive jaques
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That must be one super-tough digital machine! Hope you're on a full maintenance contract - no questions asked. Anyway, click here for the modified WRNFile.TPS.

The booklet module has moved up to number 3 on our list of projects for 2008. The Book/CD version of the Free Edition is number 1, commercial release of the Silver is Number 2. Somewhere in between is a mini-project for the U.S. market, the Paper Shop file. We've just received the go-ahead from XPEDX.
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