E-mailing an Estimate


Posted: 30 Dec 2005 04:01 pm


What exactly is the process? How can I send an old estimate? Thanks.
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I think you go into the Estimate Manager (F7) and select your client and the estimate, then you hit the @ button (you must have the email entered into your contact information before you try this). I have never tried it but it should work.
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Where is the Estimate Manager?
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I just finished writing the following answer when Daryl put into three lines what took me two paragraphs. Right on the money, too. Here is the long version:

E-mailing an old estimate is the same procedure as e-mailing a new one. Call the Estimate Writer (F7 from the Main Menu, or click the Estimate Writer button). Either make a new estimate and then highlight it in the browse box, or highlight an old one. If the estimate was written to a contact person who has an e-mail address, but only then, the "@" button at the bottom of the Estimate Writer window will light up. Clicking it will bring up your e-mail program (such as Outlook or Thunderbird) with the contact's e-mail address filled in.




When you click the e-mail button, Morning Flight copies the estimate to the Windows Clipboard. Place the cursor in the message area of your e-mail program and press Ctrl-V. You might want to reference the estimate in the Subject line and make any changes or additional comments before you click the Send button.

Where is the Estimator? If you're using the Silver Edition, click on the nice lady with the headphones, sixth button from the left on the main menubar. If you're using the Free Edition, there is no Estimator. Download the Silver beta, it's still free.
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First time user of MF Silver. Can't email estimate. Outlook express will not open. In Estimate Manager, @ button is grayed out even though my contact has a valid email address. F8 doesn't do anything.

What am I missing? Thanks
. . . . .  Gary
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Hi Gary,

Because the e-mail button is grayed, Outlook isn't the culprit. Is the e-mail button the only one grayed out? If other buttons are grayed as well, click the estimate in the browse box of the Estimate Manager. In other words, highlight it so that MF knows which estimate you're trying to e-mail. If that still doesn't enable the e-mail button, double-click the estimate for editing.




Now click the Rolodex button to verify that the Contact does have a valid e-mail address.


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Hi Hal,

I tried your suggestions line by line and at first I didn't see any success. Then I noticed that the @ button had slightly changed. It changed from a very light gray to a dark gray. When I clicked on it, Outlook opened up and I could paste the estimate into email. All this time I thought the @ button would turn from gray to black like the other buttons!

Another quick question - my default email is Outlook Express. Is it possible to have Outlook Express open instead of Outlook? Not a big problem, just curious.

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Good  point about the color of the e-mail button, Gary. We'll darken the background on the next batch of uploads.

Morning Flight will use whatever e-mail program you've set up in the Windows Control Panel as your default, including Thunderbird and Outlook Express. I've changed the default on several of our machines, and MF always loaded the program I specified.

What version of Windows are you running?
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