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Posted: 17 Jan 2006 03:18 am


I am at a loss. I cannot seem to get this to work ... Will not open Outlook when I click on email button. Using silver edition. Also, how do I reset defaults on my Multi single color? We only use it for envelopes and run all sheeted jobs on our Ryobi.
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First, the easy part. MF defaults for the single-color offset are

Hourly Rate: $95.00
Minimum Size: 3 x 4.5"
Maximum Size: 11.75 x 17"
Average Makeready: 10 Minutes
Maximum Speed: 7,500 IPH
Metal Plate: $9.00
PhotoDirect Plate: $14.00
CTP Plate: $15.00

I'm having someone else look at the Outlook problem. In the meantime, try to open Outlook, then minimize it while you're running Morning Flight. See if you can at least paste the estimate into Outlook after you've clicked the e-mail button in MF. I'm assuming the e-mail button is active and not grayed out.

If the button is grayed and inactive, is your estimate addressed to a company, or to a contact person within that company who has a valid e-mail address? In any of the first three tabs of the Estimate window (not the Estimate Manager), you'll see a Rolodex button in the right portion of the black panel. Click that button or press F-8 to address your estimate to a contact.

If Morning Flight seems overly picky here, the program assumes that e-mail should go to an individual's inbox, not to the company's web site.
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So I can't reset the 1250 press sheet size so MF knows that we only use it for #11 envelopes and smaller?
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The smallest size you can set the maximum press sheet to is 8.5 x 11". We have in the meantime changed MF so you can enter a smaller 6 x 11" size with data validation off.
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Just upgraded to the newest version of MF. The email button doesn't work to email quotes any more. Also found that the format when printing starts about 2" from the top and all company info is gone. Liked the ease of using my paper and can't find the timesheet print out any more. Did it move? What do you consider the difference between a quote and an estimate? Hope that's not too many questions for one post. Really like most of the program. Was getting used to the way last version worked. Now this is slightly different. Thanks for your help.
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Jim, since we haven't changed Morning Flight in the areas in which you report problems, those problems are most likely caused by the way you installed the upgrade. The upgrade has to be in the same directory as the old program, or MF can't access your old data files. Chances are, the e-mail button doesn't work because Morning Flight can't find a contact person in the new directory. The customer no longer shows because in the new directory, there are no customers.

That shouldn't affect how you print Timesheets, though. It's still the second item down in the "Print" menu on the main menu bar. (You can also get a Timesheet preview while in "View -> Quotes." Position the cursor over the black panel to the right. You'll see the cursor change to a clock that, when clicked, will bring up a Timesheet.)

On your question of Quotes versus Estimates: Quotes are for one product at a time, estimates are a combination of quotes. Think of it as first making individual quotes, then putting those quotes into a shopping cart to make an estimate. In a stationery package for instance, you would first make a separate quote for letterheads, then for envelopes, then for business cards. You would then gather up those three quotes to make an estimate. Basically, quotes are for internal use, estimates are what you mail, fax or e-mail to your customer.

Incidentally, the default directory for MF is "C:\Program Files\PrintFire\MorningFlight." The size of MFlightS.EXE there should be 10,960 KB, with a relatively new date stamp. You should find more than one WKSxxxx.TPS file where the new MFLightS.EXE is located (WKS1205.TPS for December '05, WKS0106.TPS for January '06 and so on). Let me know if re-installing the upgrade into the original program directory solves your problem.
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Still drawing blanks. Have re-installed MF to original directory twice. Any ideas?
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Try a Windows Search for "WRNFile.TPS" which should exist just once on your computer. If there is more than one instance of it, Morning Flight was removed from one directory and installed into another. Let me know.
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There where two, one in the programs printfire folder, one in documents settings folder. Does that mean I have two data files going?
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It does. Actually, while you do have two sets of data files, you have just a single active set. The program is accessing only the data files in the "Program Files\PrintFire\MorningFlight" folder.

There isn't any safe way to transfer the data files from the "Documents and Settings" folder to the Morning Flight Folder. Such a transfer wouldn't harm the program, but record #1 in one Customer file isn't likely to be the same customer as record #1 in the other. An estimate for ACME Builders could, after the transfer, show up as an estimate for Empire Construction.

See if you can run Morning Flight in the Documents and Settings folder by clicking on the "MFlightS" Application (if there is such an application in that folder). Print out a list of your customers, then close MF and open your current version. Re-enter your customers there. Once you have everything working, you can safely delete both the data files and the MF program in your "Documents and Settings" folder.
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Is there just one main data file to worry about or are all files needed? I really only need to be sure the press pricing is correct and only have nine customers I need to worry about.
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There are a number of separate data files. Press rates are stored in PRSFile.TPS, but that file may not transfer. The file structure was changed for version 2006.1, and the PRSFile in your "Documents and Settings" folder is likely to be the old version.

Again, if you can run MF from within the Documents folder, you can copy the settings and then re-enter them into your current Morning Flight installation. If not, e-mail me your old PRSFile.TPS and I'll convert it for you.
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