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Posted: 12 May 2005 11:51 am


Maybe it's me but ...

I entered an 8-page booklet in merchandise, all prices per piece. When I figure the quote at qty's of 500, 1000 and 1500 all is fine. I save the quote and now wish to print the estimate sheet to letterhead.

I open estimate writer, locate my customer and the quote and set it up as normal. When I view the estimate it is multiplying all prices by 10, so instead of 500 books at $580.00 they are $5,800.00. When I print a Price Sheet all is well, but I wanted to print a nice estimate sheet. Thanks for the help!
. . . . . Craig Hofer
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It's not you, Craig, it's the program . . . the first reported bug in Morning Flight. A new MFSetup.exe was uploaded to the web site on 5/13/05 (Friday the 13th!).

First, back up the PrintFire directory. Download the new MFSetup.exe, then click on it. The Installshield Wizard will first ask you whether you want to install new features, repair the program, or remove it. Select Remove. When the Wizard is done removing Morning Flight, click on MFSetup.exe again to reinstall the program. The Wizard will remove only the program itself, not your data files.

About the bug: As you've discovered, it's limited to merchandise pricing in the Estimate Writer and does not affect file data or pricesheets. Quotes are saved with the correct prices, but misread by the print module of the Estimate Writer. In other words, you won't have to edit your estimate, just reprint it.

Thanks, Craig, for reporting your discovery.
. . . . .  Hal Heindel


OK, so I'm not a computer geek. Where does the PrintFire Directory reside, and what do I need to do to back it up? Thanks.
. . . . . Craig Hofer


If you didn't change the default directory when you originally installed the program, it would be C:\ProgramFiles\PrintFire. From the desktop, click on My Computer, then on Local Disk C:, then on the Program Files folder. Next, highlight (but don't click on) the PrintFire folder and press Ctrl C to copy this folder to the clipboard. Either find an existing folder or make a new one into which you can back up Morning Flight. Click on that folder to open it, then press Ctrl V to paste the PrintFire directory into it. Ideally, that folder would be on a separate backup drive (Zip drive or external hard disk), but it can be on your C: drive.
. . . . .  Hal Heindel


Backed up and removed per your instructions. When Morning Flight opens after installation, I no longer have any customers, quotes, anything from the past. What files do I need to replace from the back-up to make all my saved info re-appear?
. . . . . Craig Hofer


OK, it's all better now. I uninstalled the new version, replaced the back-up, and installed over the top of the back up. So far all seems to be fine! New version is 2005.2 and all my stuff is still there!

Hopefully this forum will be more active with other folks, this product is just what we were looking for (I'll be passing the word around). I think you have hit the nail on the head! Once all the bugs are worked out you can bet I'll be sending you a check for the full version! Thanks again, Hal.
. . . . . Craig Hofer