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Hi, I seem to have found an inconsistency with the file menu. To about half way down they all work Ok, then after that they are all out of sync. If you press the buy as you need button, it activates the one above. Is this a one-off on my system or is there a button missing form this menu? I have 18 items on this menu. Thanks.
. . . . . clive jaques
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Hi Clive,

Are you using both the Free and the Silver Edition? The problem you're describing is caused by the translation files not being up-to-date. See What you see is not always what you get.

Easy solution - download and reinstall the current versions. This will not erase your existing data, but make sure you back up all *.TPS files before upgrading Morning Flight, just in case.
. . . . .  Hal Heindel


Hi Hal,

Have tried the correction method you suggested but that did not work. I am running the silver beta and have not had the free version on the machine at all. It's just the items from "update merchandise - update vendors" between the lines in the menu.
. . . . . clive jaques


Clive, go to the directory into which you installed Morning Flight (C:\Program Files\PrintFire\MorningFlight by default) and delete the following two files:

RSEFile.TPS (English translation file)
RSGFile.TPS (German translation file)

Morning Flight will rebuild them with the updates. It will take a few minutes, during which all you'll see is the top menu bar. Just out of curiosity, which version of MF are you running?
. . . . .  Hal Heindel


Hi Hal, tried that and no result. I am running version 2006.2.
. . . . . clive jaques


Clive, after you deleted the two *.TPS files, did the program load right away, or did you have to wait while it generated new files? When you reinstalled MF earlier, did you download a new MFSetupS.EXE, remove the old version, then reinstall with the new download?

The problem is definitely caused by MF not being in sync with the language translation file. Do a Windows search of your computer to see if you have more than one RSEFile.TPS loaded.
. . . . .  Hal Heindel


Ed.Note: Problem was resolved by e-mailing an RSEFile.TPS. "I have installed the file and it fixed the problem. Thanks again for the swift response. Clive."