Four Numbering Machines


Posted: 17 Feb 2006 12:55 pm


Hi Hal

I am working on a Lotto Ticket which we print 2-up. With the numbering on the stub and on the ticket we use four numbering machines on the Press (GTO). Would it be possible in the Postpress section under numbering to have a choice of 1 to 4 numbering machines and have an increase in the setup per numbering machine? Or is there a different way I could do numbering? This also pertains to Perforating and Scoring ( 1 row to 4 rows). Thanks.
. . . . . Daryl
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Hi Daryl,

Changing the program to accommodate what you're asking would require a major rework, but there is an easy solution now: My PostPress. Instead of charging the standard numbering for the Lotto Tickets (with a default setup cost of $25 and a per 1,000 cost of $23), make a new My PostPress item called "4-up Numbering" and simply quadruple the setup cost to $100 (or whatever value you care to charge).

Ditto for Perforating and Scoring. Note that you can accommodate a double parallel score with standard scoring, i.e. without having to set up a My PostPress item. Please let me know how that works for you.




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When do I receive my check for the car? lol

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Daryl, that's the same question I hope to be asking after the Memorial Day weekend in May. On that weekend, Jezebel Blue, my own Dragonsnake will be up for auction at the Mecum Spring Classic in Belvidere, Illinois.

One of the reasons for selling the car after 39 years of ownership is Morning Flight, indirectly at least. When I launched the program in April of last year, I never imagined it would be installed in nearly 1,200 print shops worldwide within less than a year. But I knew going in that Morning Flight would take precedence over the printing activities of Unitac, so to free up my time, that part of Unitac will be sold this year as well. After all, there is the question of the overdue help system and manual, and the Booklet Module, and Morning Flight Gold . . . not to mention some really cool projects on the horizon.

About your check, you'll have to ask J.J. Rodman, the previous owner of that other Dragonsnake. He's probably sitting in the sunshine, surrounded by Margueritas and sipping on a cold beverage with one of those tiny umbrellas sticking out of it.
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I got the Four numbering machines figured out and it will work fine, but I can not see anything about a double parallel score. Help!
. . . . . Daryl


Morning Flight uses a built-in factor to calculate double scoring (set at 1.8 but user-adjustable with the "Wrench" tool when it becomes available). The price charged for a double parallel score is made up of the setup cost (1x), plus the single scoring cost times 1.8. Although you won't find double scoring in My Shop, you will be able to select it when doing a Quote.
. . . . .  Hal Heindel