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Posted: 23 Dec 2005 09:09 pm


Hi you all, here is my question: How can I add the freight on my quote and also how can I charge for shrink wrapping+cartons? Thanks.
. . . . . marc


Hi Marc,

We purposely left out freight from estimates (it's included in the Gold Edition for invoicing), because at the time of quoting you don't know how many items your customer will order, or how many of each item. You can easily quote freight by adding it to the closing remarks of the estimate form, next to time of delivery.

Combining several packing methods gets a little trickier. Morning Flight makes certain assumptions when it calculates packing, such as 5,000 8-1/2x11 loose sheets per carton, and 500 sheets per shrink-wrap. Those assumptions often don't hold when you start combining. For instance, when you pack letterheads into boxes and then into cartons, that 5,000 per carton figure goes out the window.

That's where My Packaging comes in. Say you shrinkwrap per 500 (at 30 cents each) and charge $2.00 per carton. That's a combined total of $5.00, so make a My Packaging item of "Shrinkwrap in Carton" and set your per 500 cost to 50 cents, with a $3.00 minimum (you'll have to turn off data validation - click on the umbrella).

If this comes up often enough, I suppose we could make it a standard packing item. Unlike some other combinations, the shrinkwrap in carton option is straightforward enough to fit into a formula.
. . . . .  Hal Heindel