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News on the Gold Edition?


Posted: 14 Mar 2007 03:32 pm


Hi Hal, long time no speak to. We are still using morning flight and are very pleased with it nearly two years on. Nice to see the user base growing and all the good feed back. Just thought I would ask if there is any news on the gold version as yet or are you still hard at it in the lab. Keep up the good work. Best wishes, Clive.
. . . . . clive jaques
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Hi Clive,

You're right, it's been a while. Hard to believe two years have passed since Morning Flight's initial beta release. I'm always glad to hear from satisfied users, but especially so from the early adopters. You know, the pioneers with the arrows in their back!

The Gold is now far enough along that we can predict a second quarter beta release without too much risk of exposing ourselves to some of those same arrows. Mainly tidying up some loose ends at the moment, in between working on the user manual for the Silver Edition. The first beta of the Gold will probably lack some incidental features (import of customers and contacts from Excel and QuickBooks files, automatic back-up and restore, to name two), but will otherwise be complete. It will definitely include Invoicing and Job Tracking, seeing those are already in the can.

As usual, we'll make the announcement here on the forum first, before posting it on the web site.

Thanks for staying in touch, Clive. All the best,
. . . . .  Hal Heindel


What about the booklet plug-in? I am still salivating for that. Why did Clive have to point out it's been two years, I still feel like I am behind. Keep up the good work!
. . . . . Craig Hofer
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Craig, join the club! A few years ago, one of my printing customers sent me a cartoon that captioned a frustrated but resolute citizen with: "God put me on this earth to accomplish a certain number of things. Right now I'm so far behind, I'll never die." I framed it and hung it on my office wall.

Contrary to how it may look, progress is being made. Just not as fast as either one of us would like it. Having committed to the Gold beta release this coming quarter, I'm not ready to climb out on a limb with the Booklet Module. I can tell you that development of it will be concurrent with publishing the manual. Before the Cobra crossed the auction block, the manual clearly had priority. No manual, no income! Now that the site is up, there's less pressure to publish for technical support reasons as well.

Speaking of progress, HP delivered a new Vista-equipped PC yesterday. First thing out of the box, I installed Morning Flight. Haven't tested it fully, but so far, no hiccups - MF ran like a charm. One less thing to worry about and having to devote time to. Here is asking to keep the faith, Craig. 2007 really is shaping up to be a good year ahead.
. . . . .  Hal Heindel