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Posted: 26 April 2013

Is there a way to generate reports based on a product? I would like to be able to see for instance how many business card orders we generated last year. I see a way to generate all orders in a given time period, (which is 50 pages long for last year), but no way to drill down by a specific product.

. . . . .  Craig
There is, Craig, but probably not as detailed as you would like. When you print a list of products sorted by popularity, the report shows the number of hits. Each product gets credited with a hit whenever that product is included in a quote or order (as does in-Stock paper). We're planning to expand that when the Gold and Pixelblitz are used in conjunction with the SkyMall.

. . . . .  Hal Heindel

I may have found a bug. The hits don't show up on Digital or Merchandise items.

. . . . .  Craig

Digital products do show hits in the upcoming version 13.1. They were added to the code base a while ago, along with a host of other minor changes overshadowed by the paper makeover. Merchandise and copy products do not. There isn't much point to tracking copies that way, but a case could be made for merchandise. Both accumulate hits (all products do, regardless of category), they just don't show up on the report.

Let me know, Craig. It's too late for V13, but we can easily add merchandise and copy hits to the code base for the next release.

. . . . .  Hal Heindel


I think hit counts on merchandise would be welcomed. For us, we have business cards set as quantity-based merchandise items because MF will estimate them beyond the practical selling price. I was trying to get a grasp on how many sets of business cards we sold last year for giggles. I guess I will print the list of orders and start counting.

It's funny how well the software is performing as we are growing! The last count I did we were averaging 11.5 orders a day, 7 days a week, going through MF.

. . . . . Craig