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Getting My Postpress to print on Estimate


Posted: 08 Jun 2005 01:33 pm


Hi Hal,

How do I get My Postpress to print on the final estimate? I have added things like Collate, Saddle Stitch. It would be nice to see them listed as finishing on the estimate.

Also I am having troubles with the Padding, I have listed Padding Bond at .20 per pad in My Shop/Postpress. But when I write the quote things don't add up right. I use the 4 up note pad, QTY of 6250 sheets (500 pads of 50) should be $100.00 per my entered price per pad. MF tells me $28.00, am I doing something wrong?
. . . . . Craig Hofer
Loris Printing  Joined: 05 May 2005  Posts: 79  Location: Sandusky, Ohio


Hi Craig,

Neither prepress nor postpress charges can be shown separately on the final estimate, but you can break out itemized charges for your customers by sending a Quotesheet along with the estimate. There are three ways to view/print a quote: As a Pricesheet, as a Timesheet, and as a Quotesheet. Pricesheets and Timesheets are for internal use only and show actual costs and projected hours to print the job.

A Quotesheet is similar in appearance to a Pricesheet but reflects discounts or surcharges in effect for a particular customer or estimate. Quotesheets are designed for external use because prices on Quotesheets match those on the Estimate.

As to the problem with pricing pads, your product quantity should be 25,000 instead of 6,250. When you enter 6,250 (the press sheet quantity), you'll note that MF tells you your only getting 125 pads of 50. At 20 cents per pad, with a $3.00 setup charge, the total padding cost for 125 pads should and does come to $28.00. Once MF shows 500 pads, it does price them at $103.00 (again at 20 cents per pad).

Entering the press sheet quantity instead of the product quantity will of course also set printing and paper costs too low, not just the cost of padding. Let me know if I can shed more light on this.

One more comment about the price of pads, Craig: When you press F7 to add postpress, MF will show 500 pads of 50 only if 25,000 is the active quantity. In other words, when the 25,000 quantity column in the Print Quote window is highlighted by single-clicking in the 25,000 column.

Making any of the three quantities the active quantity serves just two purposes. The first is to highlight that quantity for editing when you press F12 (you can double-click the quantity column and get the same result). The second is to show pricing for the active quantity when you add/edit postpress, or when you single-click any area that has the cursor showing a camera.
. . . . .  Hal Heindel


In regards to the postpress items listing on the estimate, I wasn't as clear on the post as I was in my mind. I don't want the Prices to show just the description of the finishing. So at the end of the description it will say "Finishing: Folded, Cut, Perforated, Saddle Stitched...." But not the prices. Clear as mud right?

As for the pads, I wasn't figuring the number of 4.25x5.5 sheets, I was figuring based on the number of 8.5x11's it took to make them. Thanks for putting me back on the flight plan!
. . . . . Craig Hofer


Now it is, Craig . . . clear as mud, I mean. What you're saying is that MF spells out all standard postpress ops on the estimate, but not My Postpress stuff. The reason it doesn't has to do with internationalization.

As you know, Morning Flight can automatically translate estimates into different languages (only English and German now, but French, Spanish, Italian, and even My Languages, such as Dutch or Danish, in the future). It has no problem translating built-in operations such as cutting and folding, but we haven't figured out yet how to automatically translate a postpress operation that a user has defined in his or her own language.

Of course, although the description of My Postpress items is excluded, MF does include their cost in the product price.
. . . . .  Hal Heindel


I think having all post press items listed would be a good idea. I had to do a competitive bid and MF didn't list my additional postpress items that were specified on the bid sheet, I had to add them on my own. It would make a more professional looking estimate not having to hand write them in.

All that being said, MF is still awesome!
. . . . . Craig Hofer



If you download version 2005.5 of Morning Flight you'll find that My Postpress items are now showing up on your estimates. We had anticipated that this would become necessary at some point, so the data files were already set up for it. In other words, any My Postpress items you entered will still be there when you reinstall the program, no conversion required.

You'll also find a new translation utility under File/Translate: My Things. This allows users in multi-lingual countries such as Canada and Switzerland to translate My Prepress, My Postpress, and My Packing items so they have a choice in which language to print the estimate.

Thanks again for your feedback and for giving MF such a solid workout!
. . . . .  Hal Heindel