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Posted: 03 Aug 2005 12:58 pm


Help - I don't know if I'm doing this wrong but I downloaded and installed the Free Edition. I like a lot of the features and the ease of the setup.

I installed the program to Program Files/Print Fire/Morning Flight - When I started the program the first time it created all the databases on my desktop. So I moved them to the Morning Flight directory and restarted the program. I created an estimate and went to save it - after I clicked on the customer name the estimate reset and I lost all my work. I removed and reinstalled 3 times. I got the same results even when I left the databases on the desktop. Thanks in advance.
. . . . . Steven B
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You're not doing anything wrong, Steven . . . we did! Yesterday, we upgraded to a new Installer. Transferring the project settings to the new Install Program produced the glitch you describe. We discovered the problem within hours, and by noon yesterday, a corrected MFSetupF.exe had been uploaded to the web site.

Please uninstall the Free Edition, download the new MFSetupF.exe, then reinstall. After uninstalling from the Windows Control Panel, you may want to go to your "Program Files/PrintFire" directory and delete the entire "MorningFlight" subdirectory to get a clean install (along with deleting from your desktop not only the Morning Flight data files, but also the shortcut). This will of course delete any data files that exist in that subdirectory, but since you haven't been able to save your work, those files will hold only data that Morning Flight created on startup.

Unless, that is, you're also using the beta version of Morning Flight Silver, AND you've installed it in the same directory (which we recommend). In that case, don't delete the "Morning Flight" subdirectory! The Free Edition and the Silver Edition both use common data files. Deleting those files for one edition would automatically delete them for the other.

Sorry for the inconvenience! When the Free Edition appears in book form later this year, we'll be happy to mail you a copy free of charge.

. . . . .  Hal Heindel


That update seemed to do the trick. Thank You.

Does the full version allow you to bid multiple paper types? For example, I have a 40-page book with a 60# cover stock. I see the free edition will only let you bid one paper type. Thanks again.
. . . . . Steven B


Glad to hear you're now up and running. The full Silver and Gold Editions will still be limited to one paper type per quote, but there will be a separate booklet maker add-on that we expect will work with all versions, even the Free Edition. We had booklet pricing built in but removed it because the Morning Flight interface became unwieldy. Check out the Booklet Pricing topic on this forum.
. . . . .  Hal Heindel