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How exactly do different Markups work?


Posted: 11 Jul 2005 10:01 pm Post subject:


Trying to wrap my mind around how the markups work. You have the markups in the 'My Store' main screen and then markups in the individual paper sections. It seems that the system marks up the mark-ups, but really not sure what exactly it is doing. If you know that you want to mark up a specific paper to 54%, what combination would give you that?
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Great question! Paper markups, though basically simple, really cry out for a manual or help text to explain what goes on under the hood.

First, Morning Flight does not mark up the markups. Let's say you wanted to apply a 54% markup for all My Paper quantities. Simply enter 54% in all four brackets in My Store. Now when you update or zoom in on any My Paper item, you'll see a 54% markup for all quantities, provided the markup slider is set to medium and the center range button is clicked (the middle one of the three radio buttons). You'll also see 54% when you move the cursor over the white paper window on the quote screen until it changes to a camera icon, then click the left mouse button.




Here is how the markup range feature works for individual paper items. Whenever the slider and range button are set to medium and center, the markup you get for that paper is the one you set in My Store. To change the markup for just this one paper item, move the slider and change the range until you come closest to the desired markup. (The range selector works sort of like a transfer case in a semi - low, medium, and high).




Why not allow a specific markup for each paper item instead of an across-the-board percentage value? Because you would then have to adjust each individual paper item whenever you increased or decreased the general markup in My Store. If you could some day download an XPEDX paper file, that could be thousands of items. With the slider and range feature, all you need to adjust is the value in My Store for the change to cascade down.

This coming week, MF 2005.6 will be ready for download, with a whole new category of vendor paper: One-Price Paper.
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