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Posted: 08 May 2006 12:26 pm


I'm new to Morning Flight and the program looks promising. My question is this: Is it possible to import data into MF? We have a customer list, vendor list, and paper lists from the major vendors, Kelly & Unisource. I'd like to not have to key this info in item per item. TIA,
. . . . . Bobster
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Welcome to the Forum, Bobster! At this time, Morning Flight has no provision for bulk importing customer, vendor, and paper data. We do intend to offer integration with Quick Books in the future. That will allow you to transfer at least your customer and vendor data from the accounting program. In addition, soon after the new XPEDX Paper Shop price list becomes available, we'll post a ready-to-download paper file from that vendor on our web site. No plans at the moment for Kelly or UniSource.

As you may have discovered, the easiest way to add customers in bulk is from File -> Add Customers, rather than through My Store. If you expect to download the XPEDX Paper Shop file in the future, add all but your in-house paper to the Buy-as-needed file. That's to prevent that the data you enter now will be overwritten when you install the XPEDX file. For more on the different categories of paper, click here.
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Thanks for your response. What are the .tps files. Is there a reason that we cannot edit customers, papers, etc thru a database program?
. . . . . Bobster


.tps files are data files proprietary to Clarion, the language Morning Flight is written in. They are unique in that all key and index files are integrated into the main file, making for a very stable and robust environment.

What database program would you like to use to edit customer and paper data? There is no reason why we couldn't write a conversion utility - Clarion has built-in drivers for a variety of file formats. As it stands, customers and contacts can already be exported to comma separated files for mail-merging.

Exporting is the easy part. The reason we don't offer importing is because there is always the danger any exported files may have been corrupted outside of Morning Flight and will then be unreadable (or worse) when they're brought back in.
. . . . .  Hal Heindel