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Imposing odd Numbers up


Posted: 21 February 2012

If I want to run an odd number of cards up on a sheet, how do I get MF to accept my planned layout? For instance, I want to run a 5x7 postcard on a 13x19 press sheet, five-up. MF only will show me four-up no matter how many "Press Sheet" sizes I plug in.

What is the basic strategy, the magic formula, to having MF accept my odd number layouts? This aspect is not very intuitive to me and seems to stump me all the time. Interestingly, the Paper Cutter routine automatically shows me five-out as an option. Thanks for your help.

. . . . .  Gary

Hi Gary, Your planned layout would require switchcutting, currently not an option for imposition. It is, however, available for cutting press sheets out of folio, as you pointed out.

The reason it's not an option for imposition goes back to lessons learned during my 30-plus years of owning a print shop. Those lessons having to do mostly with the folder choking on any portion of the job that was printed cross grain, which inevitably caused a shortfall that meant having to put the job back on the press. Throw in an unwarranted wash up, and the extra expense paled in comparison to the poor reception this got from the press operator.

. . . . .  Hal Heindel

Thanks for the clarification, Hal. You've helped my self esteem to know that it wasn't something I was failing to understand. This issue seems to come up more now that I'm trying to impose as many postcards as possible on a cover to run thru the digital printer. Got to save clicks.

. . . . .  Gary