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Imposition or Stripping with CTP Plate


Posted: 24 May 2005 01:53 pm


When preparing a test quote on letterheads I printed a time sheet. It shows 8 minutes for imposition with a CTP plate. When I went to MY PRODUCTS and clicked on LETTERHEADS, it displayed PREPRESS in the WE CHARGE window. When I put the CAMERA to display charges it shows STRIPPING time of 8 minutes charging $6.00. I assume this is to charge for opening a file and sending it to the recorder. Can this charge be edited or deleted?
. . . . . jtjohn
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In My Shop you can click on My Prepress and make a custom stripping charge. I have done that for several Prepress and Postpress items to meet our needs. Then when you are making a quote you click on the Prepress button and select from My Prepress menu.

Or you will have to make a new Product in which you can edit the properties and change the stripping charge. I believe "letterhead" as it is defaulted does not have editable properties.

Clear as mud, right?
. . . . . Craig Hofer
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Let me see if I can shed some more light on this from another direction.

Stripping and imposition charges are as you described, jtjohn: the cost of opening a file and sending it to the recorder for CTP, or stripping the film if produced by a camera or imagesetter. These charges can usually be changed but not deleted, although you can trick the program into doing so by telling it the job is a reorder without changes. That works for CTP and PhotoDirect but not for other plates - it will also delete the film!

I say usually because stripping/imposition can't be changed for the seven mandatory offset products, as Craig mentioned, and letterheads happen to be one of them. Think of mandatory products as cornerstones in the program. Their properties indirectly affect how other products are priced. Take letterheads, #10 envelopes, and catalog sheets, for instance. When you adjust hourly press rates for offset in My Shop, you can use the pricing of these three products as your target. Any change in the rate is instantly reflected in their price.

If you do want to change the properties of letterheads, simply make your own. You might even want to create several types of letterheads, based on level of quality or degree of difficulty. There is no limit to what you can change in products you make yourself.

Note that all of this applies only to products in My Store. On individual quotations, select any product, mandatory or otherwise, and click on the Special Product button (or hold down Ctrl and press F2). Making products Special doesn't in itself change their price, but removes all restrictions on editing. And the edits are what changes the price.

To make a long story short (and it's probably too late for that already), here is how you edit Stripping/Imposition individually for each product: From My Store/My Products/Properties, adjust the first slider marked Stripping. This will change 8½ x 11 values from 6 minutes at Very Low to 16 minutes at Very High, with 8, 10 and 13 minutes in between. Ditto for the Stripping slider in Quote Printing/Ctrl-F2/Properties.

To change the Stripping/Imposition rate for all products, go to My Shop/Prepress and change the hourly prepress rate, set by the program to $45.00. It's the last entry on the bottom of Tab 1.
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Thanks for the info, guys. I figured there was one or two workarounds to get the program price to come out close to what we are charging now. Understanding the program's theory should keep me from doing something that will cause problems down the line.

I love the interface on this program. I look forward to playing around with it a little each day to get it ready for my office staff.
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