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In-Stock Paper Colors


Posted: 2 January 2012

What am I missing here? I am looking at the My in-Stock Paper screen i.e. Classic Laid Writing 8-1/2 x 11, it is listed once. When I do a quote and press F3 for paper available for My in-Stock Paper, Classic Laid is listed 4 times (one for each color). So how does each color get in there? Can I delete the colors that I may not stock i.e. Classic Laid Antique Gray? How can I add other colors or just switch the color name?

. . . . .  Rob Smith

In-Stock paper is priced at either white or color. That's so you don't have to update the price of each individual color when the vendor changes prices. Yes, you can delete colors with the trash can, rename a color with the update button, and add colors with the add button. Here is the help section for it (go to "Updating Colors" at the bottom of the page).

. . . . .  Hal Heindel