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Invoicing and Job Tracker


Posted: 26 August 2009

I was wondering about invoices and job tracker. I started printing out invoices and giving them to my bookkeeper to put into QuickBooks. When MF makes an invoice, it marks the job as delivered in the Tracker. I don't always invoice when it's delivered. Sometimes they need an invoice before I even start printing. Or if I'm busy, it can be a few days after the job is delivered before I do an invoice. It wasn't a problem before because I would always print the job sheet and not the job ticket. So when I felt like invoicing, I would simple give the job sheet to the bookkeeper and they would make an invoice. But recently, I started printing out the job tickets because "ticket" sounds better than "sheet" and I like the boxes on the ticket about paper and such.

So, I guess my question is: What is the reason for an invoice marking a job as delivered? I know it's probably trivial, but I've been wondering about it for sometime.

. . . . .  Keith

Hi Keith, It would be trivial if it related to estimates, but invoices are in another league - they're part of accounting, making them subject to a far more rigid protocol. In Morning Flight's job tracker, once a job is invoiced, it's not only marked as delivered, it's also no longer editable (if there is such a word!). And therein lies the dilemma: Editing.

With estimates, the rules are more relaxed. There, when you edit a quote that's embedded in an estimate, the changes automatically flow into the estimate. Morning Flight has no clue whether the original estimate is still on your desk or was mailed to the customer, so it's up to you to print out an updated version and mail it. That's if the customer even needs one.

With invoices, we can't be that cavalier. Once a job has been invoiced, that job can no longer be changed. That's because the invoice could still be on your desk (in which case it wouldn't matter), could have been sent to the customer, or could even have been entered into your accounting system. Morning Flight has no way of knowing the status, so it does the only safe thing: It marks the job as delivered, which locks in the job specs and pricing. MF goes one step further - it ties the 'delivered' state to the state of the invoice.

There is a way to edit those jobs. When you void an invoice, the captured orders are released and their status is changed from 'invoiced' to 'delivered.' Use the job tracker to change the delivered status to 'ready to ship,' and the orders are once again available for updating.

Hope this all makes sense. Life used to be simple!

. . . . .  Hal Heindel

That does make sense, Hal. If MF is the science, you're the religion; in the sense that you bring the "why" into the picture!

. . . . .  Keith

Cool! I was going with 'Rhyme' and 'Reason,' but your rendition sounds more profound. Enjoy the weekend!

. . . . .  Hal Heindel