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Job Numbers for Books


Posted: 30 July 2009

Hi Hal! I hope I have the correct area of the forum for this question. When a job sheet is produced for a book, the contents get the suffix of "C" and the main sheet has the same number as Printing orders. I have not had any problems but I thought it may cause problems in the future. I just entered a book order and printed the job sheets with the numbers 0709-00002, 0709-0057C (for the black pages) and 0709-0058C (for the color pages). Earlier this month I did a letterhead order with the job number 0709-00002. Again, I don't do a lot of books and therefore have not had any problems. But may it be a problem for someone that does a lot of books? I guess if it did, they would have said something by now. What are your thoughts?

I also noticed that the content sheets does not state the amount of paper we need and the amount to draw. (And I'm sure you know employees, they'll come running back all confused about how much paper they need because they can't do math!)

. . . . .  Keith

The right area of the forum, and a good point. Maybe we should shorten booklet job numbers by one digit and add the letter 'B' to more readily distinguish them from regular print orders. I'll check it out and let you know.

While the job ticket for booklet contents does show how many sheets are needed, it only shows it for a single instance of that ticket. To get a total count, you're right, there's some simple math involved. Namely, multiplying the sheet count on the job ticket by how many times that ticket is used in the book (a value that has to be retrieved from the master).

This is one of those gray areas where pros and cons cancel each other out. If we show the total count on the job tickets for the contents and there's a change in the page count on the master, the count on the content tickets is no longer valid. In a perfect world, whenever there is a change in how many times a content job ticket is used in the book, new tickets for both the book and the contents should come to the shop floor. My guess is that, if page count is the only revision, only the master gets re-distributed. In fact, some of the jobs on the content tickets may already have been printed.

. . . . .  Hal Heindel