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Posted: 11 Jan 2008 06:28 am


Hi Hal, thanks for the reply and for asking, everything is fine. Just installed the new patch. Quick question for you: When I create an order then print off the job ticket, it puts the ink colours on. If I edit the order, i.e. change quantity and reprint the job ticket, the inks disappear. Strange but true.
. . . . .  Clive Jaques
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Hi Clive,

Strange, indeed - I couldn't reproduce it. What OS are you running, XP or VISTA? Also, does it affect only the Job Ticket, or the Job Sheet as well? Finally, what Ink System are you using (PMS, Focoltone, etc.)?

This may not be related to your ink problem, but Craig recently discovered a bug that caused ink names and/or PMS numbers to not get printed on job sheets when the ink was included in "free ink days" (Reflex Blue free on Monday, PMS 185 free on Tuesday, etc.). While that didn't affect pricing, it failed to tell the press operator what ink color to use.

This bug has been fixed. The revised setup files were uploaded to the Printfire web site on May 21. Any chance this could have been the culprit in your case?
. . . . .  Hal Heindel

We don't have free ink days in Sheffield, the margins are too tight these days, but I will try the bug fix. By the way, nice touch uploading the bug fix on my birthday.
. . . . .  Clive