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Posted: 18 May 2005 11:56 am


I have been downloading demos of estimating programs for the last month or so but every program up until now has either been too complex for my people to learn easily or too simple. Morning Flight is the best I have seen to fit into my work flow so far. How do I obtain the manuals? We have four workstations and am interested in everyone being able to prepare quotes. I am running windows 2000 on two workstations, windows XP on two, and windows 2000 server on the file server.
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I believe Hal said he was working on the manuals for later this summer. I have been using Morning Flight since late April when it came out. I have figured several things out, some with the help of Hal. If there is anything that you have a question on feel free to post and I'll try to help if I can. Good Luck!
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Thanks, Craig

In front of the papers there is either a check mark or a O. What do the check marks and O mean? When I tried to trashcan a paper with a O in front of it, the O turned red and it would not delete. Our paper costs seem to be quite different from the default, and I am going to be spending a lot of time updating paper and prices. Can a paper list and prices be imported from Excel or any other format?

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The black circle in front of some in-Stock papers indicates it's a mandatory paper and can't be deleted. There are five such stocks that the program expects to be universally available. The remaining 18 in-house papers can be deactivated by clicking on the trash can to make them unavailable for use in quotations. They can later be reactivated by clicking on the same button. Activated, they show a checkmark; deactivated, they show a red ball, and the trash can button converts to a checkmark.

All other in-Stock paper items (and all vendor papers) are user-added and will have neither a circle nor a red ball in front of them. These are the only stocks that can actually be deleted - when they're gone, they're gone.

It's unlikely that there will ever be an import utility for in-house paper, but we're talking with XPEDX to see if we can make such a utility available for the stocks they carry. Are the program-generated prices high or low compared to your own?

When you do have to change pricing for the 23 in-Stock items, you may find that in most cases you only need to enter the full-carton price. Morning Flight will compute the other brackets for you. If we did our homework, those prices will be reasonably close.

To answer your earlier question, Craig has it right, the manuals (and help system) are due out at the end of summer.
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Thanks for the help. I almost always buy full cartons but our paper salesman charges us end bracket even if we buy broken cartons so I find myself entering the same price across all brackets. Most of our prices for one carton are within a dollar or so of the program's multiple carton prices. I buy mini-skids of coated paper 23 x 35 and cut it to smaller sizes so we currently price jobs according to how much 23 x 35 we use on each job. I plan on doing the same in the future for 60 and 70# offset when I make more room around the cutter. I am looking forward to the manual when it comes out. It is a great program, and with the projected price very reasonable. I haven't beta tested anything since windows NT. I could not wait to find a replacement for Novell.
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The guest post was mine. I can't believe I posted without logging in. I have to stop working these hours.
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Hi Jerry,

Check the New Paper Category post under General Chat. Craig and several other members have reported similar situations with paper pricing, where the vendor charges the same price across the board. Look for a new "One-Price" paper category to appear in Morning Flight soon.
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