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Posted: 21 Nov 2005 12:06 am



I have downloaded the free edition and am having the following problem: When quoting printing, I can only use the papers from the 'writing and book/text' categories. Is this a limited function of the program? I can't seem to access the business card stock that I have added to 'My Paper.'

I attempted to download the silver edition but the dialup connection that I have keeps dropping out, any advice would be greatly appreciated. Cheers ... J
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Good Morning, Print Machine:

There can be only two reasons why you can't access the cover stock you've added to My Paper: Either the stock was added as something other than cover paper, or the product you've selected is outside the Cards/Labels category. Morning Flight, both Free and Silver, will screen all paper selections for compatibility with the product you're quoting on. In other words, business cards can only be printed on cover stock, letterheads only on Writing paper or Book/Text.

Find your paper in My Store -> My Paper, then double-click on it. In the window that opens, click the Weight/Type button. Click the radio button Cover, Label, then double-click on the sub category (Uncoated Cover, Coated Cover, etc.). This will make your paper suitable for business cards.




FYI, the Free Edition is essentially the same as the Silver Edition, but lacks Merchandise, automated Estimate Writing, Jet-Entry, and user-defined PrePress, PostPress, and Packaging.

Sorry to hear about the difficulties with your dial-up connection. Since MF Silver is now as stable as the free program (and still a free download), you'll want to keep on trying. Let me know how it's working out. (Ed. Note: See Interrupted Downloads for  a solution).
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