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Posted: 21 Jun 2008 08:18 am


Hi Hal!

Thank you for the fast response to my question regarding digital envelopes. I feel that the quality of a product is determined not by its features but by its support; and having read most of the forum topics, I would say your support is the best! It's not often you can communicate directly with the engineer!

Now about the possible bug. I use the Merchandise for my wide-format. I price it per piece with a 12"x12" being one product (everything is done by sq/ft in the wide format arena). But, I have a few items that are priced per piece based on the final size and not by the sq/ft. Example: Arch E (36"x48") blueprints












(and so on. That may not be exactly how I have it set up.)

Say I select 60 when I am doing a quote and the program will give me the pricing for 21-40. Is it possible that I may have missed an update? I believe I have version 2008.2 (I am at home so I am not sure). Any help is appreciated!

. . . . .  Keith
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Hi Keith,

Once again, thank you! Support works both ways. It's not often that the engineer gets to talk directly with the users. I enjoy doing it, very little gets lost in the translation, and more often than not, the end result is a better product.

Here are some screen captures that illustrate your merchandise pricing. As you can see, I couldn't duplicate the discrepancy. If you don't mind, please enter a merchandise product the way it is set up above, then click on the white product panel while making a quote to verify the bracket (check the position of the gold arrow). Let me know the results and we'll go from there.

The only time the program should jump a bracket is when the price for a certain quantity is less in the next higher bracket. But that's always on the way down to the cheaper price, not up to where the item is more expensive.







Why does MF jump brackets, not just for merchandise but also for copies and paper? When I first got into the printing business, I ordered 2,000 #10 envelopes from our favorite vendor. Didn't take long to realize that had I ordered a carton of 2,500 and thrown away the extra box, my total outlay would have been lower. To their credit, the vendor adjusted the price, but I always felt I should have been told about this pricing anomaly when I placed the order.
. . . . .  Hal Heindel