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Posted: 11 Aug 2005 03:34 pm


Dear Makers of Morning Flight,

I work for a small print shop in Brooklyn, NY. We have presses, 4 b/w copiers, and 2 color laser copiers. We have many finishing machines and many bindery machines. Our customers are usually local small businesses. We outsource many products such as plastic signs, label rolls, 4-color, raised ink, etc. We have been in business for more than 30 years and we do things the old fashioned way. We quote jobs using a price book, we send customers hand written invoices, etc. To be honest we just got a computer and an email address a few months ago so we can finally receive and send digital files.

Needless to say this causes a lot of errors and headaches. We have a lot of trouble keeping our file system working, even when it comes to billing customers the same amount we billed them the month before. Finding a quote from two months ago is impossible. I believe this can be fixed using software designed to handle our needs, but I have yet to find it. It's not as easy as buying Quickbooks because there is a lot of math involved in accurately pricing print work. At first I thought nothing of the sort existed but then I found your Morning Flight software.

I can see it's still in development and I was wondering when you plan to finalize it. I would like a way to easily quote jobs, invoice customers. Also to retrieve and print that information when necessary, on an attractive custom sheet with our letterhead and logo. I hope all the information is kept in a simple database, maybe one or two files for easy backup. Possibly a networked client/server application?

Please let me know what the future of Morning Flight is. I hope we can help each other out.Thanks.
. . . . . Sean K
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The beta version of Morning Flight Silver will do all the things you're asking for, except create job tickets and invoices. Those features, along with Job Tracking, will be included in the Gold Edition. We expect to finalize the Silver Edition before the end of 2005.

As for having all your information in just one or two data files, that's not feasible without eating up huge chunks of disk space and slowing the system to a crawl. We use a relational database where customer information is kept in one file and contact information in another. That way you can have an unlimited number of contacts for each customer, while at the same time using only disk space for the number of contacts a customer actually has. If customer and contact information were stored in the same file, you would need to set an arbitrary limit on the number of contacts each customer could have (say ten), and then waste disk space on nine empty contact records if that customer had just one. The Gold Edition of Morning Flight will have an automated backup program built-in.

Thank you for joining the forum. We certainly hope that Morning Flight will become your program of choice.
. . . . .  Hal Heindel


Well, the sooner the better for me. I've looked at other printing business software and I'm most interested in yours (and it's not even out yet!). I'd like to know if I can beta test your Gold version. I'd like to be involved in development. It would be tested in the real world at a very busy print shop in New York City.
. . . . . Sean K



Thank you for offering to help develop the Gold Edition of Morning Flight, and for brightening our day with your generous comments! MF Gold will be on the printfire web site for public beta testing on the day the Silver Edition is released, which we hope will happen before the end of this year. We may offer an early beta version to members of this forum before then, and I can think of no better proving ground than a busy print shop in Brooklyn!
. . . . .  Hal Heindel


OK, you New Yorkers need to break it up! WHAT, NO JOB TICKETS IN SILVER?

Just kidding, I am having a ball using the beta of silver here. I am using it on 99.5% of all the estimating. I have managed to tweak a few of the settings to get my pricing to work on both the offset side as well as the digital side. (Thanks to Hal ... Good Co-Pilot). Almost ready to Solo!
. . . . . Craig Hofer
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Okay, I'll be keeping track of your website. If I can be of any help just email me at the address I have registered. It's the print shop's email address. Thanks for all your help.
. . . . . Sean K