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Posted: 01 Feb 2006 10:01 am


I saw the post where you explained how to copy and move the program to another computer to take home and work on. I tried your instructions but when we took the CD home and tried to open the file, it always came up with an error and wouldn't work. There must be something that I am not doing correctly. Can you please help me out? Thanks!
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What was the error message?
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This is the error ..."File(CTLFile.TPS) could not be opened. Error: Access Denied (5)." This is what I was doing to install it: I clicked on the MFSetup.exe file to download the file and then clicked on the MFlightF.exe file in the PrintFire folder. Is this correct?
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Are you trying to run the program from the CD? Morning Flight has to be able to not only read from, but also write to, its data files. CTLFile.TPS is the first file it tries to open.

If my assumption is correct, download the new version 2006.2, either the Free or the Silver beta edition. Install it first on the computer onto which you downloaded it by clicking on either MFSetupF.exe (Free Edition) or MFSetupS.exe (Silver Edition). Now copy the MFSetupF.exe or MFSetupS.exe to a CD and then install the program on your home computer. Once that works, we'll proceed to swapping data files.
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Ok, the program has been loaded onto the other computer. It's in the Program files\PrintFire\MorningFlight. Then I copied all the files, beginning with ACTFile.TPS to WRNFile.TPS, from the CD, which were the files from the original computer, into the Morning flight folder in the Program files folder on the new computer.
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That should have done the trick. Are you still getting the error message when you try to run Morning Flight on your home computer? Also, is your home computer networked or stand-alone?
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Yeah, it still gave me the same error. I wonder if I saved the files wrong on the CD? I just copied the MFSetupF.exe on the CD and then copied all the files in the Morning Flight folder, like I said before, onto the CD as well.

The computer is a stand alone, it's not networked. The other computer is actually a computer here at work, but the salesman wanted to put it on a computer he has in his own office.
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Having unreadable files on the CD would be a possibility, but as long as the program was copied OK, the data files should have, too. Let's delete all the *.TPS files on your salesman's computer, then run Morning Flight. The program should create empty data files and load them with defaults. Once we've got MF running, albeit with incorrect data, copy all the *.TPS files from your computer onto a floppy and then transfer them to your salesman's machine.
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I think I will just tell him to run a line so he can connect to DSL in his office and then just download the program from the internet and keep it on his computer. Ok, let me try that ... thanks for helping!
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I did what you recommended and deleting the .TPS files worked and let me open up the program, but when I copied the .TPS files from the CD, it started giving me errors again with those .tps extensions. But, the program is now on his computer and we can just go from there. We really hadn't gotten too far with entering information yet anyway.

Thanks again for all your help and for responding so quickly!
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Glad you were able to get the program loaded and running. At some point, though, you'll still want to be able to synchronize the MF data files on your salesman's computer with the files on yours. The thought occurred to me that the files may have been open when you copied them (Morning Flight could have been running on your computer at the time), which may then have given you the "Access Denied" error.

Might be worth a try. Also, here are some *.TPS files that don't need to be transferred. They're either static read-only files, such as the translation files, or files that can't be modified by the user without special utilities:

PMSFile.TPS (PMS Ink Numbers File)
RSEFile.TPS (English Language File)
RSFFile.TPS (French Language File)
RSGFile.TPS (German Language File)
RSIFile.TPS (Italian Language File)
RSSFile.TPS (Spanish Language File)
RSMFile.TPS (Custom "My Language" File)
WRNFile.TPS ("Wrench" Defaults File)

When you discover what caused the problem, please let me know.
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I just tried to load all the TPS files EXCEPT the ones you listed that weren't necessary and the first error it gave me when I tried to reopen the program was the "CTLFile.tps" error.
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I'm assuming you're getting the same error (#5 - Access Denied). That error can be caused by either one of the following:

A. The file has already been opened by another user for exclusive access,
B. The file has been left in a locked state,
C. You don't have network rights to open the file,
D. There isn't enough disk space.

We can safely eliminate C and D. That makes me suspect the problem may have occurred when the files were copied onto the CD. Can you close down Morning Flight on your computer, then copy the CTLFile.TPS onto a floppy and transfer it to your salesman's machine? If MF now accepts the CTLFile.TPS but stumbles over ELTFile.TPS, the next one in line to be opened, transfer the rest of the *.TPS files (except for the ones I listed earlier), using the same floppy. We'll get there yet!
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Ok, I just recopied the TPS files onto another CD, making sure MorningFlight was not open, then went to the salesman computer and copied the new TPS files. It still gave me the same error with each TPS file, the first being the CTLFile.TPS, so I deleted that file, tried again and then the second TPS to load gave the same error.

I am going from a XP computer to a Windows 95. Does that make a difference? What if we networked the PC's together, can we do that? Our boss also wants to have the program on her computer too, but she has a windows XP computer. I think I am going to try to load it onto hers, just to see if I have the same problems.
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Eureka! That's the problem, I should have thought about that earlier, it totally makes sense that it wasn't working now. I just loaded it onto another Windows XP and it worked perfectly!

Thanks again for all your help, we do appreciate it a lot and we're excited that we found such an awesome program!
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I was just going to answer when your second post came in. Eureka is right, happy to see you got it working. I honestly didn't suspect operating system incompatibility, but then again, not too many computers left out there that still run Windows 95. Which brings up another dilemma: With MS Vista set to replace XP this year, now may not be the best time to upgrade your salesman's computer. Decisions, decisions . . .
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I have another question, if you don't mind. Here's the thing - I have 3 different people wanting to be able to use the program to quote. That means each person will have to copy the most recent files on whoever's computer it was worked on last, onto their computer, with the new data files, correct?

Can all the computers be networked together, provided they're all running XP for example, and then when someone wants to use the program, they will just have to log onto the computer that has the program installed on it. Am I thinking right?

Or, is the version that you have to pay for, the better way to go this kind of situation? Our computers in the pre-press room are networked; our mac's and pc's are networked together - so they would just run an ethernet cable to our router and they can be networked too.
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Trying to synchronize three different sets of data files wouldn't be practical because each user would overwrite the other user's updates when the files are transferred. As you've suggested, the only way to go here is with a network.

Neither the Free Edition nor the Silver Edition are supported for multi-user operation. That doesn't mean they can't be used that way, provided the network is small and there is a only a remote chance two users would simultaneously try to edit the same estimate, for instance. The reason they're not supported is because the current versions lack record locking, a feature that prevents someone from retrieving, updating, and saving a record while someone else is in the process of updating the same record. In current versions of MF, whoever saves the same record last, that's whose changes will stick. For more on network use, see Multi-User and Accounting and Networking - Multi Station Ability.

And you're right, it would be a good idea to have the networked computers all running XP. I'd be interested to know how you're progressing with this.
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Hi Guys, My first time here. To use Morning Flight between 2 computers. This will make you smile and say "that easy". Install MF direct to a USB flash device (not your C drive) and when you take your flash device to the other computer open your flash device>Printfire directory/ then select the file "MFlightS.exe" with your right mouse button and drag it to your Windows DeskTop then before you let go select (make shortcut).

All you have to do now is double click on the new shortcut Icon and you will be in flight in MF. You will be able to work normally with MF as all the data you are creating will automatically save to your Flash device (as it would if you installed in normally on Drive C). Then when you return to your other computer with your Flash device you will be able to read all the data that you created on your #2 computer, so no more messing around with RAM CD's and editing files. I found that the newer USB2 devices work a lot faster than USB1.
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Hi Smiffy,

I was sure your suggestion would work, just didn't have time to verify it while we were busy with the Gold beta release. Yes, using a USB Flash Drive does what you say it does, with a single caveat: Make sure the drive is large enough to hold several years worth of data files. Flash drives have come way down in price, so start with at least 4 gigabytes.

The reason flash drives work is because all Morning Flight programs are entirely self-contained. No Dynamic Link Libraries (aka .dll Hell), no Registry Entries, no external black boxes of any kind. Even the data files generated by MF encapsulate all their dependent key and index files in a single .TPS file. We don't recommend short-circuiting the Microsoft sanctioned installation protocol, but you can actually copy any Morning Flight application (such as MFlightS.exe for MF Silver) to any drive, double-click it, wait five minutes while the program generates and pre-loads the required data files . . . and start estimating.

Mind you, Windows, VISTA in particular, likes to keep a tight rein on the programs it rides herd over, and that means the preferred way is still a proper installation with one of the MFSetup files (MFSetupF.exe, MFSetupS.exe and MFSetupG.exe). It's faster, too, because many of the data and language files are then installed pre-loaded. Still, nice to know it can be done without adversely affecting your computer.

Thanks for the tip, Smiffy, and welcome to the Forum.
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