Morning Flight Experimental


Multiple Presses coming


Posted: 21 April 2010

User-defined presses and multi-user capability are easily the most requested features for future versions of Morning Flight. We're working on both, but the one that will make it out of the gate first is the Run Pilot - the option to install extra presses.

With the Run Pilot you'll be able to

1.Add multiple user-defined presses, offset or digital, to the seven already built in.
2.Instantly compare cost-to-print between installed presses.

All but the Free and Passport editions will accommodate the Run Pilot. We'll post details and sample screens here, as the project develops. Projected ETA: June/July.




Now, would it make sense to sit back and wait for the new versions? In a word, no, or I wouldn't be talking about it here. We haven't decided yet whether to offer the "Run Pilot" as an extra cost plug-in or build it into the Express, Silver, and Pixelblitz editions for an upcharge.

Either way, anyone who has already bought one of the current editions, or buys one before the Run Pilot is released, will get the upgrade free.

. . . . .  Hal Heindel