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Posted: 11 Jan 2008 06:28 am


We 'found' your site last night and, after looking (and trying) various print estimating packages for some time, are hopeful we've at last found one which will give us what we want.

I have read the other message about setting up a client/peer situation and have installed the programme on our server. However, when we then tried to access it from another computer (we did so using the advice on another message about creating a shortcut on the desktop) on opening it we found it then copied all the files onto that desktop too.

I think we're doing something wrong somewhere - could you advise on how we can logon from a different computer without it then copying all the files to it - plus any other info on having more than one computer using it on a network? Thanks!
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Hi David,

What I usually do is set up the program on a server. It will default to C:\Program Files\PrintFire\MorningFlight. I make sure that it runs properly on that server. I then create a shortcut, on the client PC's desktop, to the executable. For instance, if I install the program on Server-7 the shortcut would look like:

"\\Server-7\c$\Program Files\Printfire\MorningFlight\MFlightS.exe" (include the quotes)

You could also share the MorningFlight folder and map a drive letter to it. For instance, if you map C:\Program Files\PrintFire\MorningFlight to G, the shortcut would be: G:\MFlightS.exe. When I use either of these methods, I do not get any .TPS files copied to the client desktop after running the program. The files are created / updated in the server's program directory. For the Gold Edition, you would change the name of the program from MFlightS.exe to MFlightG.exe.

What operating system are you using on the server and client?
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