New Copy and Digital Pricing


Posted: 22 October 2008

New versions of Morning Flight are ready for release and will be uploaded in just a few days. If you've been following the news on the Forum, you already know that the new Silver Edition will enable you to quote Booklets. The Gold extends that to where, with a single mouse-click, you can convert those Booklet Quotes to Orders.

All editions come with a host of other improvements, one of which is the way Custom Products can now be entered in a single, tabbed window, as seen here. Flipping tabs is a great way to compare costs.




Updated Pricing


Because of significant technological advances in the Copy and Digital field, not to mention the changed economic climate, both black and color prices were due for a makeover. In line with today's typical maintenance agreements, the defaults for Digital are now based on Click Charges rather than Consumables.

If you're downloading for the first time, the new prices are automatically installed with the program. Not so with upgrades. We're obviously not going to overwrite the pricing you've already established. If you're ready to make a change, the screens below will help you make the adjustments.

With Digital, all you need to revise are the 1C and 4C Digital Presses in My Shop. Because Copy Prices are part of the Product, you'll need to update each Copy Product individually from within My Store. Easy to do. Just enter the first value (0.075) and the last (0.050), then click the Sort button (third from the left) and let the program fill in the rest.

Black Copies



Color Copies



Digital 1-Color



Digital 4-Color