New in Version 2006.1


Posted: 30 Dec 2005 06:17 pm



New Digital Capabilities


With the help of two very active Morning Flight Forum members, Craig from Ohio and Darrell from New Zealand, we were able to improve the digital press module. It now accommodates high-end digital copiers in addition to conventional liquid-ink presses.




Click charges for 1- and 4-color, with adjustable click rates for sheets larger than 8-1/2x11 or A4 (user definable).
Separate hourly rates for front and back.
Digital (and Copy) products can now be made primary products.



More Flexible Ink Pricing


Daryl from Canada, another forum member, told us he custom mixes most of his colors. He asked for the ability to add mixing charges to in-house Morning Flight inks.




All in-house colors can now be treated as a special mix.
Any ink color can be offered free of charge when ordered on a particular weekday. This doesn't affect estimates because you rarely know in advance on which day the order will be placed. But if you check all days, the color will be free in estimates as well.



Expanded Paper Selections





Next to running your presses profitably, how you buy and sell paper is where you stand to gain the most. That's why Morning Flight now offers four different ways of organizing and pricing paper:

1.In-Stock Paper (formerly My Paper)
2.Buy-as-needed Paper (formerly One-Price Paper)
3.PaperShop Paper (New)
4.Special Paper (formerly Multi-Price Paper)


In addition, we've made it easier to add and update paper in every category:

All brackets are displayed highest price first, lowest last, with all but the 1-Carton price automatically filled-in by Morning Flight. You can override all prices by clicking the blue Price button.
When you click the One-Price button, all brackets will be priced the same as one full Carton.
When you click the Color button, all color brackets will be priced the same as white.


Who's on First?


When we introduced Morning Flight, there was My Paper and Vendor Paper. My Paper was paper you kept on hand, Vendor Paper was paper you bought as needed. All were priced by the vendor in different brackets, from less than a carton to multiple cartons. A few weeks later we opened the Morning Flight Forum and quickly discovered that this wasn't how most printers in the U.S. bought paper. Most printers here were charged the same price, no matter how much or how little paper they ordered on any given day.

That may not make a whole lot of sense through the eyes of marketing, but happily, we don't make the rules. Our job is to make sure Morning Flight can deal with them. Enter One-Price Paper, a variation of Vendor Paper that came with a single price. Except you could, if you wanted to, enter a different price in more than one bracket, which made One-Price sort of a misnomer.

My Paper, One-Price Vendor Paper, Multi-Price Vendor Paper . . . and PaperShop Paper, a fourth category, still on the horizon. Bewildering? Time for an overhaul. In printing, working with paper plays too big a role to be even vaguely obscure.

First, we renamed the categories, with the name describing not what the paper was, but how it was used. Then we relegated the old Multi-Price Paper to a catch-all category called "Special Paper," a place where you could put paper you couldn't fit anywhere else. That left us with My Paper, now called "My in-Stock Paper," and One-Price Paper, now known as "Buy-as-needed Paper." We didn't have to change the file structures, so whatever paper you entered into the old categories will still be there when you upgrade. Just look for them under the new names.

My in-Stock Paper. Any paper you keep on hand, or can get your hands on in a hurry. It's also the only cut-size paper that Morning Flight will let you quote in broken reams. Before you designate any item as My in-Stock Paper, ask yourself this:

Am I willing to sell sheets in broken reams, and envelopes in partial boxes?

Am I willing to put whatever's left over from a job back on the shelf?

Can I expect either this customer or another customer to order the same paper, in the same color, before the envelopes glue themselves shut and get wrinkled?

My Buy-as-needed Paper. As the name implies, any paper that you order for a specific job. If the customer orders 600 letterheads, Morning Flight expects you to buy a minimum of 1,000 sheets. The program won't let you buy half a box of envelopes because nobody will sell you half a box. Where in-Stock Paper or Special Paper can be priced by weight or per 1,000 in a variety of brackets, Buy-as-needed Paper can only be priced per 1,000 sheets. You do get a choice of brackets: Less than a carton, full carton, and multiple cartons. Accessible for updating from either "My Store" or the File Menu.

PaperShop Paper. Same as Buy-as-needed Paper, but preloaded with data provided by the vendor. Accessible for updating from the File Menu only. We hope to have files available from XPEDX before long.

Special Paper. Another variation of Buy-as-needed Paper. Special Paper is more versatile because you can order it from the vendor in any conceivable combination of brackets, by weight or per 1,000. You can also save any paper item you think you might quote again in a "Saved Special Paper" file (click the piggy-bank button while you have the Special Paper quote window open). Accessible from the File Menu or by clicking the Rolodex button next to the piggy-bank in the Special Paper window.