New in Version 2009.2


Posted: 30 January 2009

This afternoon, we uploaded Version 2009.2 of all three Morning Flight Editions to the Printfire web site. The new version includes a number of minor improvements that some of you have been asking for, a single bug fix (cosmetic), and a change in how Inserts are managed in the Booklet Module.



The bug fix consisted of changing an error message generated by the Booklet Module. Yes, there was an error when the message popped up, but it should have said "invalid page count," not "too many pages."

When postpress is included in the price of the product (padding for carbonless sets, cutting for x-up, and trimming for bleeds), the work that needs to be done is now listed separately on Job Sheets and Tickets to make sure the job doesn't leave the shop half-finished. That change has cascaded to the Job Tracker as well.