New in Version 2009.3


Posted: 25 April 2009

On April 25, we uploaded Version 2009.3 of all three Morning Flight Editions to the Printfire web site. The new versions include two major revisions: A more advanced way to price digital, and user-defined bookbinding.

The digital upgrade was discussed at length in another thread and is in line with recommendations made by Robin, Keith, and Craig. For a continuation of that thread, click here. XXX



"My Bindery," a logical adjunct to My Prepress, My Postpress, and My Packaging, was planned all along but didn't make it into the original Booklet Module. With custom binding you can now price odd items such as special carbonless sets, or pads where the image changes from page to page.


You'll find some minor enhancements as well. For instance, keywords are now part of the product description on Estimates and Order Acknowledgments, both printed and emailed. Keywords are also shown on Job Sheets.


What's not included are bug fixes - not a single bug has been reported since the last versions were released in January of this year. And that last bug was purely cosmetic! With the Silver Edition now having been beta tested for four solid years (it was first uploaded on April 22, 2005), all systems are go for a commercial release. Just need to finish up the manuals.

. . . . .  Hal Heindel